IMS Ventures was originally founded in 1995 to assist forward looking companies in solving complex internet technology problems.

Our near-term goal for assisting our portfolio companies is to focus on the key elements for success: product development and marketing. We believe that IMS Ventures fills a void in the venture capital environment by taking an active part in the success of our portfolio companies.

Our investment criteria are fairly simple. We invest $250,000 to $500,000 (more in subsequent rounds) plus our time and expertise, in return for 5% to 20% equity (in the form of preferred stock) in portfolio companies who have:
  • At least two full-time executives who have put some of their own money into the company;

  • A product or service which can demonstrated (alpha or beta) and marketed in six to twelve months;

  • A business model that can reasonably demonstrate profitability in two to four years.
IMS Ventures invests in no more than 8 companies each year. In this way we can devote the time and attention that each company asks of us. IMS will invest in many different industry segments, but we prefer businesses that have a tangible product or service that can differentiate them and provide ongoing competitive advantage. We generally do not invest in Internet content companies.

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