IMSVentures is pleased to introduce a few of its portfolio companies:
Intellicue's Web-based cognitive-assessment, reporting, task-matching, and remedial tools are powered by the most proven and quantifiable of the academic models of human multiple-intelligence research. It is also the first to have been computerized to meet large-scale use in schools and businesses.

The company developed "MindCue," a proprietary and uniquely precise assessment instrument which measures 26 contrasting learning abilities, each distinct ability being assessed through one or more timed activities.
Netonomy delivers dynamic self-service e-Care solutions to innovative telecommunications companies. These systems improve the customer experience of the telco at a lower operational cost.™, Netonomy's self-service e-Care solution, uses the Internet to enable telcos to deliver enhanced services that are complementary to existing customer care systems and retail point-of-sale. is an Internet application service provider (ASP), for business communications. quickly turns live presentations or videos into iPresentations™, enabling companies, organizations and individuals to distribute and access expert knowledge from around the world using high-quality, platform neutral web presentations.
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