At IMS we take pride in performing a quick, but thorough evaluation of each entrepreneur's plans. We require the following items to evaluate your business idea on a preliminary basis:

Your Elevator Pitch - Briefly describe (what you could tell us in about 30 seconds), what your company does, why your product is unique, who are your existing/potential customers, and why someone would buy your product or service. Be prepared to answer any questions related to this, to provide back-up information, and perhaps, to provide third party information sources to support your position.

Your Business Plan - We recognize that your business plan may not be complete at this stage. Send us your most recent plan and please include financial projections for years one through four, current product status (include major milestones and completion dates) and your sales and distribution plans. Provide a current capitalization table. If you cannot provide the table, please list all current investors, amounts and dates invested, share and option holders and the amounts they own, and shares in option pools. Provide a post money valuation based on the above.

Please submit your information and plan electronically. We will review your plan within 10 business days of your submission and contact you as soon as possible after that.

You can also send your information to our main office address:

IMS Ventures
1021 N Garfield Street, Suite 409
Arlington, Virginia 22201

phone: 703-837-8800
fax: 703-837-8821

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